Xiamen Qin Yang Ben Guang Hua Import & Export Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful island city --- Xiamen.
      Main contractors: water, land, air import, export and domestic sales of goods of domestic and international forwarding business, including: booking, storage, transit, LCL, clearing charges, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, related short-distance transport services, freight and foreign consulting and agency.
      Companies in the business process, forming a complete set of working system, division staff details,style solid rigorous, strictly regulate financial management, capital operation safety, the harmonization of the various departments, help each other to control, efficiency, efficient, fast.
      Welcome letter, call, come to negotiate with the company; your arrival: is to give us a process of continuous improvement basis, your smile: It is certainly the largest of our work, your satisfaction: is our ultimate goal.

fungus-Bamboo fungus


fungus-Pleurotus eryngii


fungus-Bamboo shoot point

fungus-Eniki mushroom

fungus-Agaricus blazei murrill

fungus-Chicken leg mushroom

fungus-Poliota nameko

fungus-Flower mushroom

fungus-Black agaric

fungus-Tea tree mushroom

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